There’s no excuse for having a mental or creative block in sound. You can just go out and collect things in the real world - they make the sound, not you. It’s very restricting to always use a library for sound effects. It’s much more interesting and freeing to go out and record new sounds because you never know what you’re going to get.
— Gary Rydstrom

What does our sound design team do?

We provide the absolute best quality:

  • Sound Effects
  • Foley 
  • Dialog editing to help clean everything up and prepare for the mix stage
  • As well as any other post-production needs as it relates to sound 

Sound Design for Advertisements 

We provide the absolute best quality sound design for:

  • TV Commercials 
  • Radio Ads
  • Corporate Videos
  • As well as any other non-broadcast advertisement 

Sound Design for Film, TV and Video Games

We provide the absolute best quality sound for:

  • Short and Feature Films
  • Student Films
  • TV Series or Made for TV Movies
  • Video Games for Console, PC and/or Mobile.

What are your rates? 

Please contact us directly and we will be glad to put together a customized quote for your project!