Our Blue Aux team has over 20 years of entertainment industry experience


Kendall Johnson - Composer and owner of Blue Aux Productions

Kendall Johnson was born into a musically adept family. Teaching himself to play the guitar at age twelve, and helping to form the Indie Rock band, Submission, enabled Kendall to fulfill some of his foreseen musical forte, but it didn't quite satisfy his hunger. 

In April of 2007, after being in a band for over 10 years, Kendall began studying at Vancouver Film School—specializing in Sound Design for Visual Media. Soon after completing the program, Kendall was introduced to television and film composer, Shawn Patterson (Robot Chicken, The Lego Movie). Kendall began editing music for Shawn, who was composing for Nickelodeon, and has since remarked that his experience working for the Los Angeles based composer was “phenomenal and very educational.” Over the past few years Kendall has completed the scores for many short and feature films, TV episodes, commercials and video games including scoring the 2014 Cannes Festival Short Film "La Edad Del Sol". Kendall classifies his style as “Atmospheric Orchestral,” and has attributed his influences to John Powell, Jeremy Soule, Martin O'Donnell, and Mark Tremonti.

Born in Lethbridge, Alberta, and now residing in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Kendall Johnson has the much sought after ability of being able to work in both Canada and the United States. Kendall has an excellent reputation with the faculty of Vancouver Film School, as well as, the various directors and composers he has associated with.

Kendall consistently delivers great music on time and within budget.
— Bob Rice, Worlds #1 producer of music for games.
I have known Kendall Johnson since I began working with audio. Kendall is a smart, professional person that you can truly rely on to get the job done. He is a talented composer that likes to throw himself into his work. I have enjoyed working with Kendall in the past and I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.
— Robbie Elias, Lead Audio Implementer at 343 Industries

The Sound Design Team

We currently have a team of sound designers from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico that have come together to join Blue Aux Productions and bring years of experience that will take your project to a whole new level. 

**Individual Biographies Coming Soon...